Veer Das on International Emmy Nomination: Our show is a backward, not glamorous, no Bollywood supporters

Being nominated for an International Emmy is a “big deal” for Veer Das, as he admits that he has not been nominated back home for many (awards) (in India).

“It is a kind of paradox that a show about India should be nominated abroad. Nomination means your voice is heard and your talent is seen,” said the 42-year-old.

His comedy is special Wa Das: For IndiaRecommended with Call my agent In the comedy section. Initially, Das did not even believe that this had actually happened.

“I thought it was a joke, it could not be true,” he admits, and continues, “Then my management confirmed the message. An Indian comic has not been recommended before, especially stand-up comedy. Favorite.Usually, this is the recommended series in that category.I’m against it Call my agent, Some of the best shows in the world, ”the actor and his wife, who drank a glass of wine, ordered knife rolls.

Apart from this, Das’s appeal on social websites for new designers also caused a stir. Brands.

He reasoned, “The whole show is independent, it’s a self-produced show, no glamor, no stage, no random costume. This show was a backlash from India. We didn’t do sexy things, we don’t have Bollywood supporters. Why give up suddenly when given the big opportunity?

Even after starring in such films and starring in such projects Goa is gone (2013) And Delhi Belly (2011), Das has not given up stand-up comedy and has no plans to do so even in the future.

“I’m sure it’s a good time to be a comedian in India, especially in Hindi comics. As an English comedian, my focus has always been on creating content outside of India. The world really sees an American version of India and an English and British version of India. I want to give the Indian version of the country to the world, ”he concludes.



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