Tina Desai has not been on the Indian scene for a while. But, the Table No.21 (2013) The actor has developed a rich talent in Western countries Sense8 And Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Right

“I didn’t choose not to work here,” he added, “then Desk, I got it Marigold I got it after that Sense8 I was busy for a five and a half year post Desk. Unfortunately, it took one and a half years for the epidemic to come, which is why it has not been around for a long time. But, I was working.

Desai came to India in between his shootings, but only for three-four months, it was not enough time to make a job appointment, make a plan and choose for the shoot.

“It doesn’t work that way. Perhaps the most determined actor can do this, but that’s not the case for me. I’ve only done one schedule yet … I had to go through a proper selection process,” he explains.

Desai is now back with three big plans, including the recently released series. Mumbai Diaries – 26/11. But, the actor is a bit embarrassed as people (in Bollywood) think that he has migrated from Mumbai and is not available for work here.

“I met a lot of people and they said, ‘Oh are you back? Even if you move, I’m.’ But I have my family here, it’s my home, my city, the place where I started. Why do I not want to do anything here? Want? There is a problem but now I have a company that tells people that I am here, ”he shares.

Desai is waiting for the pace of his life in India to get his upcoming slate and web series and movie, Bob Biswas.

“I’ve been here, I’ve done three projects, so let’s see what happens,” she concludes.


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