There is extra pressure to make my acting better: Anshuman Pushkar

As a newcomer JamtaraActor Anshuman Pushkar was pressured to prove himself as an actor. But after starring in the lead roles in such successful projects Kathmandu Link And GrahanPushkar feels there is extra pressure to perfect his performance to meet the expectations of the audience.

After finishing filming for the second season of his first series in Lucknow, the actor says, “Initially, as an actor you had no challenge, so the pressure was minimal. Creating a mark and name is definitely taxing but is relatively less than the following after you have had some success. As you race, the pressure builds up to keep you elevated. ”

Pushkar says he tries to improve his previous performance in every project. “Once people start believing in you, the producers will show loyalty. The game gets bigger when stories are written with you in mind. It’s a stage of anxiety and worry but Ek Bahut Hi Koobsurat Ehsas P Hi. I did not take any pressure during the filming, but the challenge is to choose the right script and live up to it all. The magic happens when the factors fall into place — the response of the team, co-stars, producers and eventually the audience.

Anshuman near Rumi Dhawasa in Lucknow (source)
Anshuman near Rumi Dhawasa in Lucknow (source)

The actor says, “Initially, projects chose me, but now I have to choose from the plate, so it’s extra pressure. I remember saying: success is not about chance, its choices! To be precise, there is no thumb rule.”

Pushkar tries to evaluate life at every step by learning from the past and the experiences of others. “I am constantly analyzing life and circumstances because it helps me move in the right direction. I usually think of all the IFs and forces in my head because Sarah Kale Uzi Ka Hai! Coming from the small village of More Mogama near Patna gives me a better understanding of life. One thing that is still consistent today is that I always give my 100%.

It was so high for me to know that people were writing characters for me. 40 days on schedule Jamtara2 He spent a month in Lucknow. In between he went to Varanasi for the shooting of another OTT series Country Mafia Directed by Shashank Roy.

“All my projects except my first series have a UP link – my current series, Kathmandu …, Grahan They were shot dead in Lucknow and later in Varanasi. Interestingly, my next film, which I will be shooting in November, is also set in Uttar Pradesh and has a schedule in Lucknow. My first stage appearance for the Exodus Theater also took place in Nawab. So, Ek Rishta Cha Ban Gaya Hai Yahan Se and can now be doubled as a guide for fellow actors (laughs).


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