Stranger Things Season 4 Clip Launches on Netflix Today: Tour the Creepy Greelhouse

At the global fan event Dutum, Netflix released a clip of the fourth season of their hit horror series Stranger Things. The clip offers a tour of the creepy grill house.

The clip begins with a timeline when we meet a family in the 1950s. They come to a beautiful blue house and turn it into their home. However, the house is not like that. Creepy things start to happen, and before long two children fall lifeless near their father. The rapid transition to the 80s and our heroes come to the haunted house, looking for ‘clues’.

Dustin, played by Caden Madrasso, tried to impress Steve, played by Joe Giri, with some Sherlock Holmes quotes. However, it was all in vain on Steve. In the distance, a grandfather’s clock sounds the beginning of the end.

Today: A Netflix Global Fan event was held on September 25 in a virtual format and saw more than 145 stars and creators from around the world – representing 70 series, movies and specials – all-day exclusions and first appearances “.

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Ahead of this global fan event, Netflix India YouTube TUDUM: India Spotlight premiered at 9.00 IST at night. This includes clips and a first look at Finding Anamika, Aranyak, Meenakshi Sundareshan and other shows.

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