Squid game: Korean speaker mocks Netflix series for ‘Poch’ English subtitles, ‘Translation was too bad’

The Netflix squid game makes everyone talk. Korean survival drama has topped the charts in various countries since its launch last month. Although the show received positive reviews, a Korean speaker called for the series to be subtitled in English, with some of the characters’ nuances changing.

A Twitter user with a Yangmi Meyer handle said that the English subtitles in some episodes of Squid Game did not accurately reflect the actual Korean lines. “Not loud but I’re fluent in Korean. I saw the squid game with English subtitles. If you do not understand Korean you really did not watch the same show. The translation was very bad. The dialogue was well written and preserved to zero,” he tweeted.

He shared a video on DickTok and Twitter in which he pointed out some bugs and the exact meaning behind the lines. Referring to one episode of the show, DickToker points out that the lines uttered by Han Mi-neo, played by Kim Joo-ryung, are ‘highly contraceptive’.

“What do you see?” She says, it turns out to be ‘go away’.

Referring to a scene where Han Mi-neo tried to persuade people to play with him, Dictoker, while reading the lyrics, said, ‘Oh, I’m not a genius but I can do it’, the real translation, the user said, ‘I’m very smart, read to me Didn’t get the chance. ‘ “Everything she says is translation wise,” the user said. He noted that Kanbu’s comment was not properly translated and misrepresented the purpose of the chapter.

Netflix has not yet responded to the claims, and Streamer has been accused of having similar practices in India as well – earlier this year, many viewers pointed out misleading verses in the Malayalam film comedy.

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Squid game stars Lee Jung-jay, Jung Ho-yeon, Park Hee-soo, Wai Ha-jun, Kim Joo-ryong, Hyo Chung-tae, O Young-soo, Lee Yu-mi, Anupam Tripathi and Kang Yu, among others. . The show revolves around a deadly game involving hundreds of participants. When those who finish the game go to the next level, the losers are killed.



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