Squid Game: 5 details you may not have noticed on the Netflix show, from Jung Ho-yeon’s North Korean accent to the predicted deaths

The squid game world has been hit by a storm. Despite the fact that the Korean survival drama has fans discussing the theories for the second season, a certain section of the squid game audience is finding details about the show that went unnoticed by many.

Before we continue, in front of the spoilers:

North Korean pronunciation of Jung Ho-yeon:

Jung Ho-yeon played the role of Kang Se-peok, player number 67. Se-peok is a North Korean who took part in a sporting event to help reunite his family. A few onlookers noticed Se-peok speaking with a North Korean accent on two occasions: when he spoke to a businessman who promised to help his family and his brother.

“I saw Korean with my boyfriend, he had a North Korean accent of Se-piok, but no clue to the non-Korean audience !!” Noticed by a social media user. “She hides her accent around other Koreans. It only comes out when she’s with her brother. It made me cry when I asked,” said another user.

Deaths forecast:

The Facebook user, Hero Fitzgerald, noticed that significant deaths were predicted in the series. They mentioned that events in the second chapter titled Hell mocked their deaths. In episode 2, Djokovic jumped off the bridge. He fell off the bridge and was kicked out of the game. Ali took the money from his boss. He was kicked out when someone took the marbles from him. Se-piok threatened someone with a knife in the throat. She was kicked out because someone stabbed her in the neck. Chang-woo tried to kill himself in episode 2. Gi-hun swore to his mother’s life. His mother eventually died, ”they wrote.

Games on the wall:

Through the nine chapters, the games played in the series were also drawn on the wall. However, until the last two episodes, many did not notice when there were only three contestants in the room.

Harpin of red light, green light toy:

A small detail, but the squid games toy, although seen in the first episode of the show, is worn by squid game-inspired Harbin. The toy is in real life and is on display in Xinjiang County, Chungcheongbuk-do Province, South Korea. The statue caught everyone’s attention, including rapper Cardi B, whose current Twitter display image is a toy with a blue wig.

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Inspiration from Judy Chicago’s Dinner:

A few Twitter users noticed that the squid game was inspired by Judy Chicago’s The Dinner Party and Rothschild’s Surrealist Paul. The dinner party is considered one of the earliest pieces of feminist art, and features a long, triangular banquet table. As shown in episode eight of Squid Game, the work of art seems to have promoted the final meal. One Twitter user wrote, “Dinner at the finals of the squid game is a great reference to Judy Chicago’s dinner.”



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