Sikander Care: As many cricketers in the IPL have found, the actors are found in the ODD

Sikander Kerin’s show, Arya Nominated for an International Emmy in the Best Drama Series category, and he could not be happier.

Glad OTT had the opportunity to showcase their craft to more actors, Kerr says, “I do not know if this gives more opportunities to deserving actors … I do not have the authority to issue a statement like that. I think the good guys get more work. We need more actors. Five or 10 How much can actors do? We can not do 500 things, they will do their thing, so we see all kinds of talent.

The actor will next make his directorial debut with Dev Patel Monkey man, Compares the website to the Cricket League.

“Look at the Indian Premier League (IPL) … many cricketers have been discovered, otherwise there is no chance in the international (cricket) team. So, opportunities are opening up with more formats,” he continues, “Talent is everywhere, now, opportunities are more than ever. Writers, Directors, Actors – We are more likely to find the best talent and get them a job.

Next up, is Care, 39 Arya2 In his kitty, filming was recently completed and it will be released at the end of next month or early December. Ask him out well if he is no longer absorbed in the connection.

“Only one thing [difference] There are nine chapters [in a web series]. It’s much longer than a movie. The last two years (in the midst of the epidemic) have gone crazy; Who on this planet knew there would be a lockout. So, it’s happening here now, on OTT sites. Abi do sab yakin par sab kuch tek rahe hein, body film, shows, har kism ki cheese. Creatively, for me, I’m always the script and the character I play, not the web or the shows or the cinema, ”he concludes.



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