Shibani Dandekar: We have to pave the way for the women who come after us

Actor Shibani Dandekar says he is not disappointed that there is so much more to be done and achieved in promoting women and it is important to look forward to replacing Knight.

“The whole thing about female power is like a double-edged sword. You have to think about all the progress we’ve made over the years, and then sometimes you think, ‘Man, we’m not moving fast enough,’ Dandekar shares.

The 41-year-old added, “One has to take the more positive ones and try to focus on them, without thinking about how we are fighting and fighting.”

“Should it be a fight? No, it’s not at all. But we are moving forward. We have been given a voice. We have been given a platform. We have to do what we can. We are paving the way for the women who will come after us. There is a certain responsibility,” he added. Says.

Dandekar, last appeared in a set Love in the Times of Corona, Continues, “We think we need to push forward, rather than stop the fact that we are taking so long.”

She feels that every woman is experiencing a struggle and is dealing with social stereotypes.

“We all ask ourselves, why should we deal with this? But we need to think about all the women who came before the most serious wars. Get some comfort and appreciate it, knowing that it is a little easier for us today.

It is also important to be proud of what they have achieved to bring us to this point. “Use it to push further. That’s all we can do. There are girls out there who want to live in another world. We have a responsibility to do that. My team is full of young women. We need to think about fighting the good fight.

At the forefront of the work, Dandekar is working to expand his horizons as a producer, adding, “I have created a web show that will go into pre-production later this year.



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