Shemi Shetty’s mother Rakesh supports sin because she ‘Henbeck husband’ comment: ‘You are true’

  • Sunanda Shetty, mother of Shamita Shetty, responded to Rakesh Baba’s comment that she was Kashmira Shah’s ‘Henbek husband’.

Posted on September 24, 2021 03:18 PM IST

Sunanda Shetty, mother of Shamita Shetty, responded to Rakesh Baba’s statement that Kanchrera Shah was ‘chicken husband’. Rakesh called himself ‘caring’ and said he was confident in making his girl feel special.

A fan page shared Rakesh’s response to Kashmera’s comment. Commenting on the post, Shamita’s mother wrote, “Rakesh – who are you … you are honest … that’s important – you said well.”

Sunanda Shetty Rakesh defended the sin.
Sunanda Shetty Rakesh defended the sin.

Earlier this month, Kashmira tweeted after seeing the bond between Rakesh and Shamita on the Big Boss OTT that she seemed to be the ‘chicken husband again’. Slandering her, his ex-wife Riti Dogra wrote, “Again !? Sorry. Please do not make loose comments. Out of silence. “

Speaking to Hindustan Times, Rakesh said, “I do not have to react. I will say that everyone belongs to him. If she feels like I’m henbecked, I would say I’m probably the most caring husband, and it’s not henbeck done. I want to treat my girl in a special way.

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“Insan ka sar jaise kehte hai do hi logan ke samne jukta hai – ma ke samne aur biwi ke chamne. Juko do achi baat hai (a man bows only in front of two people – his mother and his wife. And it is better to bend over) you are your partner. It’s special, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Shamita and Rakesh grew up close at Big Boss OTT and often exchanged hugs and kisses. When Sunanda came to the show, she complimented Rakesh and said to him, “You’re the man at home, you play well, you play yourself. You do not have to shout to be heard. I like the quality that one retains.



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