He may have been in the entertainment industry for more than a decade, but Angkor Patiya’s breakthrough only happened last year on the web project AryaHe says that finally established him as an actor.

So, when the series was recently nominated for Best Drama Series at the International Emmy, Patia was delighted and felt that life had come to a full circle.

“It really is. I was lucky to have the opportunity to work with Sushmita Sen and other great actors in this series. It was a life-changing experience directed by Ram Madwani, Sandeep Modi and Vinod Rawat,” says Patia.

The actor, Sangram, starred on Sen’s screen AryaHe added, “I am delighted and proud of Arya’s recommendation. It is simply incredible. It resonated with the audience and the industry and I am very pleased to receive international recognition.

With the second season already preparing, this appointment seems to be the right time for Patia.

“Yeah, it’s! Everything falls right in place. I can not thank the universe enough for my hard work to be appreciated and recognized. It motivates me to do bigger and better things. I can not bear my excitement for season two,” he shouts.

Patia is definitely looking forward to success. “Hope and prayer. But, honestly, being nominated is like winning, so I’m very happy,” he continues. Any kind of recognition and appreciation is beautiful.


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