Samir Soni: I will be in my 40s until I am 60!

Actor Samir Soni, who is embarrassed at his birthday, says, “We don’t celebrate much.” He added, “If you’re 18, someone might be excited.”

Posted on September 29, 2021 04:11 PM IST

“I’m ashamed of my birthday. I turned off my phone,” says Samir Soni, who turns 53 today. The birthday boy says, “We don’t celebrate much.” He shares that he eats quiet dinner with his family, not even friends, and he has had 3-4 birthday parties in his life.

This year the actor has starred in four film releases including Mumbai Saga, The Big Bull, State of the Siege: Temple Attack and Zehre and two internet shows including Punch Beat and Cartel. He is constantly enjoying filming and is happy for people to see him from a different angle. I recently filmed with Sunny Leone for the Vikram Bhatt series directed by Saurabh Shukla. The cartel, too, received a great response and people liked my negative character. Earlier people looked at a good looking boy and made me play the roles of elder brother, young husband or rich tycoon. I got the typecast. Now that I get older, I get more mature and negative roles. Now, the focus is on my acting, not my appearance. Negative characters are fun because there are no boundaries.

Sony is also excited about its book coming out next month. He admits that unlike other famous books, it is not a memoir. He explains, “This is a study of being an introvert. How to live in an alien world. It also has a part in my diary. I question what is wrong and what is wrong. Why do we emphasize being rich or popular? I discuss conditioning and core values. , Especially now there are many mental health issues.Our community is pressuring people to look in a certain way.In fact, my condition for publishers is that my face should not be on the cover of the book.




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