Sachin Bilkongar: Epidemic has slowed down the whole process of creating a plan

These days it is not easy to start any project by destroying spontaneity from the epidemic program. And it has caused a delay in making a plan, says actor Sachin Bilkongar.

“The uncertainty caused by the epidemic plays a huge role in determining a plan not only for me, but for many others. For example, my next plan is very interesting, but it will actually take some time to design,” Bilkonger told us, blaming the Govt-19 crisis.

He laments, “The reason for all this is that the pace of making a plan has slowed down compared to the pre-epidemic world. Phele jiss raftaar se mein koi chez banate the, ya plan karte the start, ab uska double time lagta hai to start it. “

Explaining further, the 64-year-old said, “We need to consider every aspect and finally discuss whether or not to move forward with the project.”

Last seen actor City of Dreams Season 2, He shares that it does not end there. For senior actors, there are now additional challenges while working. “They have to be very careful and safe because they are mild targets (he has a viral infection). So, exercise extra sambalna hoga and karna hoga regularly to ensure good health,” says Bilkonger, who also emphasizes that he should never skip his workout.

Finally, the actor shares how the epidemic affected his personal life as well. “Before, we would take a car or book a flight when going on vacation or a quick trip. Today we can’t do that. We have to sit on the plan and look at many things, discuss with the family to finalize every aspect, and then decide if it is possible or safe. .



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