Rasika Tugal: It is very difficult to say if you are being discriminated against, you are facing pay gap based on your gender

For many, the growth of the OTT space has brought a sense of equality in terms of opportunity and visibility, but it remains to be seen whether it will also correct the curved pay structure. However, actor Rasika Dugal says the answer to that is not so easy to find.

“It has always been difficult for me to answer whether OTT has created wage equality. I have always heard that there is a disparity in the amount people are paid, but I do not know what salaries are being paid to the people around me,” Tugal tells us.

The 36-year-old explains, “This is not information that is accessible to many. In fact, each project is priced differently. I may have one or two friends and I know how much they charge. But their plans are set differently than the plans I make. Therefore, it is very difficult to compare.

Apart from the different nature of the schemes and their lack of pay and transparency, this issue is covered by discrimination.

“You never know if you are being discriminated against. You can never point out if you are underpaid because you are a woman or if you face pay inequality because of gender. The hard thing about discrimination is that it is so subtle, so it’s hard to fight it,” the actor says. .

A price tag

For many years, in the OTT zone, Dugle has been recognized as a police officer going from role to role. Delhi crime To Peena Bina Tripathi Mirzapur Series for conflicting married woman Out of Love To understand Savita A suitable guy.

However, getting recognition does not always make it easier to quote a decent fee, the actor feels.

“It’s very difficult for me to set a price for what I do,” she quickly notices, and in more detail, “It’s like you’re investing in something wholeheartedly. It’s like what it teaches me, ”he adds.

He also stressed that this is “one of the hardest and most beautiful things about the industry”.

Then and no

Starts his career from such projects Dahan And Murder2Tugal has certainly come a long way, and admits she couldn’t be asked to be an actor at a better time, and gives all credit for the boom of the digital space.

I still remember when he took the DVD of his movie. Kissa: A lonely ghost story, In her wallet, give it to everyone she meets.

“Previously, distribution was a problem. App apnea pixar pana do latte legin marketing ka budget nahi hota tha. Then it can not compete with the big picture on the screens. The big picture will swallow all the other screens you get. OTT broke that barrier,” he says.

Looking back, he says today, projects have a life beyond theater. “I remember, Kissa Released in three theaters in Mumbai, it soon hit the screens. I came around with its DVD so that people would watch my movie. Now, thanks to streaming sites, anyone can watch a movie whenever they know about it, ”Tugal shares.

And the credit goes …

By writing real characters for women, the actor feels that the writers have written about this change in the entertainment space.

“A couple of years ago, female characters were written as an act of tokenism. I hope this is very real. Now, the characters are so subtle. They really celebrate femininity and don’t feel the need to be masculine in any way. And it’s very inspiring for an actor,” she says. Shield (2018) The actor started working on his next projects, but was not allowed to publish anything about it.



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