Rakesh Babat joined Shamita Shetty live on Instagram on Sunday, where they answered questions from fans. Rakesh, who has an art page, was asked where he would display if he had to paint Shamita.

“This is a very naughty question. The color of the beach, the sea in front of her and the breeze coming through her hair, I can be a colorful dress. I think I want to catch her in the sand, looking at the sea,” he said, “Oh, it’s beautiful. There is, “she replied.

Shameda, meanwhile, revealed that she is sexy about Rakesh. “For me, this is Rakesh’s simplicity. That’s what drew me to him,” he said.

At the end of the live session, Rakesh gave the fans a little surprise. Although he and Shamita appear to have come from different places, he revealed that they were actually together.

One fan wanted to know that Rakesh and Shamita are together. “No,” she said with a smile. “Now, we’re coming to the interview. Nothing more than that,” he added.


Rakesh and Shamita developed feelings for each other in the Big Boss OTT. However, they are not yet in a relationship. In an interview with the Hindustan Times, he said, “Before giving it any name and this bond, we want to get to know each other better. Let’s see, Q Sira Chera. I don’t want to rush anything, I hope she feels the same way.

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Rakesh responded to those who think that the connection with Shameda is only for Big Boss OTT. “We can not disappoint our feelings, especially in a reality show like this, because you are always being tested. Shamita and I truly loved each other. In a home like that, you are pushed into situations, you always need each other’s support. It’s a real feeling, no matter what is shown.” He said.


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