Playing the title role gives the actors a chance to be multidimensional: Amit Sial

Mirzapur And raid Actor Amit Seal played the lead role in the OTT series Kathmandu connection. Now the actor wants to balance playing a lead role and interesting characters in his upcoming projects.

On his visit to Lucknow, the Kanpurite says, “When the audience gives so much love, it becomes my responsibility to politely deny repetitive action. I honestly deny bahubali and conditional themes. I want to see myself playing different characters. As an actor, you want to be multidimensional and get the image When you play a major role.”

Seal adds, “It’s not about the money and screen time, it’s about the character graph you portray. I want to find that inside of me! This doesn’t mean I just want to play the lead roles but the ones that enrich my soul, even if it’s small, I definitely will. So, It’s an interesting bunch of roles I’m going to play. I want to be as flexible as a coconut tree that can bend according to the situation.”

Amit Sial in Lucknow (HT Photo)

The actor has a busy schedule ahead. “Currently, I am filming Jimtra… 2 Here, it must be completed Inspector Avinash But we are unable to match the dates. Besides, I’m making a movie calla Which has the tripti Dimri and Babylon.”

The 45-year-old actor talks about his upcoming shoots, “I will be heading to the mountains to shoot a beautiful family-oriented movie tikdam Directed by the film’s writer, Vivek Anchalia stoning Shawwal. next season of Empress Hopefully it’s due in November and the second season of Kathmandu… It is expected in January. I hope A Simple Murder gets another season.”

It was his last release Empress And fear (As part of the anthology Ka Twist Projects). He is expecting the third season of inside the edge to be released after that.

Sial thinks OTT is forever changing. “The best part is the shows are given that people can watch with the family and the show makers are committed to self-censorship. I believe in giving a break to binge-watching. Shows should be released at small intervals which gives a break to the rapid consumption of content. I’m glad things are going with this direction”.

UP has played a special role in his career. “raidAnd MirzapurAnd Kathmandu…And inspector…and now Jimtara 2They were all shot in Lucknow and my turning point was playing the real blue Kanpurite inside the edge,” he adds.


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