Orvi Javid of Bigg Boss OTT says Javed Akhtar was never related to her:

Bigg Boss OTT contestant Orvi Javid explained that lyricist screenwriter Javid Akhtar had never been associated with her in any way. Her statement comes days after actress Shabana Azmi reacted to internet speculation that Orphie is Javed’s granddaughter.

The rumors started after Orvi Javid was recently seen at the Mumbai airport, after stepping out of the Bigg Boss OTT house, wearing a ripped denim shirt over a bra and jeans. She was criticized for her clothes.

Speaking to a leading daily, Orvey said, “People have cooked up stories just because my full name is Orvie Javid. But he has never been associated with me in any way. All this is just done to confuse him and drop his name by associating my clothes with him were controversial. But how is that relevant? Even if his granddaughter is wearing something of her choosing, what is wrong with that? Why is he being held responsible for that?”

Earlier this week, Shabana Azmy shared on Twitter a news article about Orfi and also a video that claimed to be Javid’s granddaughter. Shabana had made it clear in her tweet that “Urvi Javid has nothing to do with us.” In another tweet, she said: “She doesn’t connect us in any way. Stop spreading lies!”

In another tweet, she said, "She is not related to us in any way.  Stop spreading lies!"
In another tweet, she said, “It has nothing to do with us. Stop spreading lies!”

In an earlier response to the rumours, Orvey told The Quint, “It’s really funny that people associate me with Javed (Akhtar) because of my last name.”

Urfi Javed became the first rider to be ejected from a Bigg Boss OTT. At the airport, the paparazzi asked her about the possibility of returning to the show. She replied, “Nahi, nahi, nahi, maine dakh lei iten, episodes of Homari bas ki pat nahi hai etna game of all bana, they are samaj chok hai. Main seedhi-saadhi hoon yaar (No, no, I watched many episodes, and realized That I can’t play a lot of games. I’m a very simple girl).”

She was also asked about her previous ‘relationship’ on the show, Zeeshan Khan. She had said, “Mira koi nahi tha ooh competitor, oski okat nahi hai mira pani ki competition (he wasn’t a competitor to me, he doesn’t deserve it).”

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Earlier, Urvi criticized Zechan and accused him of betraying her trust. After Zeeshan abandoned her and chose Divya Agarwal as her link, Urvi was nominated.



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