Natasha Bhardwaj: Checking in from the industry makes you feel like you are doing something right

For actor Natasha Bhardwaj, she portrays the role of a first-year residential doctor in a recently released web show Mumbai Tires 26/11 It was not only a professional commitment, but also a personal connection. The reason the actor reveals is that his mother, he was a doctor and treated patients injured in the 2008 26/11 attacks, the show is set in the background.

“My mother worked in many hospitals and I went to many places with her. As a child, I used to sit in her cabin and look at things under the microscope and act on her people. Her colleagues would come and talk to me. I was brought up in that environment. She treated those patients during that crisis. , ”Bhardwaj shares.

Considering the whole show was dealing with that traumatic event, the 24-year-old knew she had to approach her mother for the role. “When filming started, I sat down and talked to Mom about a lot of things,” he shares.

Such was the impact of the real life information she received from her mother that Bhardwaj wondered how doctors actually do this. “It’s not creepy or weird for them, as any doctor, any normal human being who says this is their job, feels,” he says.

The actor is happy that the show was well received and it was noticed. She emphasizes how important it is to achieve that recognition in such a competitive field.

“A lot of people said wonderful things, even from the medical fraternity. They said it was a good show. We have all seen medical plays. You never know if this is the best, but I was so glad I got a call from actor Arjun Kapoor, he congratulated me on my birthday and his favorite Talked about the scenes, how my character went from one place to another, mentally and emotionally. It was very unexpected, ”he said, adding that praise was much needed.

Bhardwaj concludes, “It’s like kabi kabi jo apke baas nahi hota, you put it aside. When you get that verification from the industry, you feel like Hon of Kuch Sahi Kar Rahe Hein. That call created my day.”



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