Namit Das received Emmy nomination on Arya: It shows my profile better

Actor Namit Das, who has done some memorable roles in the last two years, believes that Arya on the internet has captured an international, elevating his life in a new direction.

“It’s a big deal, and it’s very important to the cast. When people see me, my name immediately pops up as part of an Emmy-nominated show. It makes my profile look better,” the 37-year-old shares.

Das reveals how he was the first person to receive the appointment message, and he shared it with the team.

“The discovery was very coincidental. But I’m so glad I broke the news to that team,” he says.

The கஞ்சக்காரர் (2013) The actor believes that an international recognition is not like anything else.

“It’s great that you’re internationally recognized. We always live in a nest, we create a world that thinks it’s the only world. The truth is that the world is really big and there’s a lot out there. It’s very special to be recognized as one of the shows I attend,” says the actor who plays on web shows. Abhay And A suitable guy.

Das, who plays the role of businessman Jawahar Bishnoi, who is involved in illegal activities in the series, calls the role special and believes that only here will the situation be better for his life.

“This role has given me a position I probably did not have five years ago. Second Gear Say Third Gear Main Lager Aya Hai Mujhe. I definitely hope some offers come along (post Emmy appointment),” he says.

Asked if he expects the series to win, Das said, “Nomination is a great recognition. One has to celebrate it. He said if it was a success, it would be perfect.



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