Money Heist fans spot Professor lookalike at Kirana store in Pakistan: Jani Ek Panadol

Desi fans of Spanish Netflix series Money Heist have discovered a Pakistani lookalike of the show’s main character, The Professor, played by actor Alvaro Morte. Money Heist, or La Casa de Papel, as it was originally known, returned with a new set of episodes last week.

Fans from the Indian subcontinent took to Twitter to share a photo of a shopkeeper, apparently from Pakistan, who looks a lot like Alvaro Morte. One person tweeted: “La Casa do Batay refutes.” Another fan wrote: “The professor is now entering Kiryana’s store in Pakistan,” while a third fan commented, “Professor’s connection to Pakistan.” One fan joked, “Jani Ik Panadol yes Karwa.”

This is not the only reference to Pakistan in the latest season of the money heist. One scene shows the Professor calling out to his team of Pakistani hackers, much to the delight of fans. One of the hackers is played by Indian actor Ajay Giethi, who is back in one scene this season as well.

“She’s such a small character, but I never expected to get this much love,” the actor told The Quint in an interview last year. He continued, “People from India, Pakistan, Australia and Canada sent me messages. I became a little emotional. Punjabs are proud of me because they feel I am one of them. Pakistanis were proud because my character helps the professor.”

Meanwhile, Indian fans spotted a lookalike of Virat Kohli and Bobby Deol in the latest season, and shared their findings on social media. One fan tweeted, “Bobby Deol finally got his #MoneyHeist break.” Another joked, “Virat Kohli veiled in #MoneyHeist”.

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Money Heist Season 5 has been split into two volumes. While the first volume was released on Friday, the second part will be shown on December 3.



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