Mona Singh, who is sharing her birthday with her mother, plans to spend the day with her parents and hold a less important celebration.

Mona Singh has been working on projects over and over again and “loves it”. The actor, who has just finished a web show starring as a cop, will soon start another project with “the biggest directors”. She says, “I’m full until March, enjoying this stage of life. It’s amazing to do weird roles like this. Writers, directors and creators are so excited to want to type in actors. Waiting for Satta.

Sigh is turning 40 this year and stepping into the 40s doesn’t call her age a number. She says, “Women are beautiful according to age. I have seen it with many friends and actors. I’m better than I did 10 years ago. 40s New 30s. There is still a lot to life in the 40s. Look at the superstars in the late 50s, but it’s pretty amazing, ”he shouted,“ What kind of facilities and work do we have more than the generation we have? ”

The actor has made sure to get a day off on his birthday. She reveals, “Actually my mom and my birthday are on the same date I want to spend the day with her. I want to be with them. Being with her all day and having friends for lunch or dinner is a good celebration for us. We are all fully vaccinated, so that’s great. Last year too, because of Govt, my parents were home alone and this year they will be there too.Govid has changed the way we meet and celebrate.Wherever you go, there are a lot of people, not everyone takes all safety precautions.I’m afraid to go to restaurants. Normally, I take them on vacation every six months but it doesn’t happen due to infection. S took us to Goa and we had an explosion.

Singh surprised herself when her husband Shyam Rajagopalan was filming Black Widows in Kolkata last year. He shared, “This year, he is in Ahmedabad and will join us. But last year, he flew to Kolkata and contacted the production team, who knew he had arrived. It was so special, but I felt bad because my mom was home alone.

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