Little Things Season 4 Trailer: The final season of Netflix India’s longest show has big ideas in mind

  • Netflix India has released the trailer for the fourth and final season of its long-running series Little Things.

Posted on September 28, 2021 11:39 IST

Netflix on Tuesday released the trailer for the fourth and final season of Little Things, a comedy-drama series purchased from Dice Media after Season One. The show is about the lives of adult Drew and Kavya as they lead the adult and everything in it.

Starring Mitla Balkar as Kavya and Dhruv Sehgal Dhruv, the final season of Little Thoughts ‘The Uniqueness and Relationship of Dhruv and Kavya grows together between their highs and lows’. Login continued, “As they make the subtle transition from young love to a mature relationship, viewers will be led to questions about Drew and Kavya’s commitment, health, their ambitions and family.”

Speaking about her journey in small things, Mithila Balkar said, “Little things are a show that is very close to my heart. Kavya is a character who will be with me forever. True, this is an incredible journey with my directors and wonderful crew. The final season prompted me to go back in time and recapture my journey as a poet at the last moment. I hope the audience will enjoy this season as well and celebrate their bond with Thuru and Kavya.

Writer and actor Truv Sehgal said in a statement, “My bond with Little Things is so special that this is not just a show where I wrote or played a character I like, this show is also about my child. I have grown with this show and the amount of love it has received over the years has really impressed me. I am truly saddened by the end of this show, but I am so happy that Dhruv and Kavya were able to spread this love and joy among their audience.

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Little Things Season 4, directed by Rusir Arun and French Dua, is written by Abhinandan Sridhar, Nupur Boy, Karima Pura Patiyalvi and Kaurav Patki. Akshata Samantha is the creative producer and Ashwin is Suresh Shoran. The series will hit Netflix on October 15th.




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