Little Things Season 4 Review: Farewell to Mithila Balkar and Dhruv Sehgal and the best show about modern love India has ever seen

With Netflix Little Things coming to an end with its fourth season, there is a lot to miss. As TVF’s biggest success story, this ‘small’ show has confined itself to the huge task of showing realism, realizing everyday little things that make love so beautiful. We watched a season on YouTube after a college friend didn’t open his mouth about it. Dhruv (Dhruv Sehgal) and Kavya (Mithila Balkar) argued about biryani and momos at the almost perfect, honeymoon stage of their relationship. Even with the 10-minute mini-episodes, it was clear that TVF had broken the code to show love more realistically than we had ever seen on Indian screens, even on YouTube.

Soon, Netflix took advantage of the opportunity to make room for the ‘Netflix Originals’ carousel for the second season of Little Things. Dhruv (who wrote the series until Season 3) rose to the challenge, ending Kavya and Dhruv’s honeymoon, and even exploring the pages of the relationship that sometimes tortures one to live with. Season 3 had even bigger ideas in mind as it expanded its horizons to include exceptionally well-written characters such as Lonely Parents or Sexist Best Friend.

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In its final season, Little Things had the challenging task of finishing it all. But how to end a story told so realistically? The series is not final after four seasons in real life. Still, Little Things ended things up, albeit a little routinely, with even more caring and realism.

We meet Kavya and Dhruv after a long day. After a long distance of more than a year, they finally reunited on holiday in Kerala. Although at first they may seem a bit far-fetched, it doesn’t settle for a clear chat and a trip to Coorg’s beautiful tea gardens. Kavya is still skeptical about them, and Dhruv is still eager to sort out any folds before propping them up. They both want to be together though. In one of the final episodes of the series, Dhruv says the reason they work is to find solutions and reasons why they are together.

The writers (not including Thuru Sehgal this time) made no mistake in solving every problem for the happy ending of the story of Kavya and Dhruv. Thuru could not have abruptly avoided his anger but instead of fixing it he now showed them a better handle. He was exaggerated and he realized that Kavya would not be angry anymore. During one episode, in anger at the broken pottery in the gap, Dhruv hit Kavya in the eye. However, she does not blame him, but takes him to the hospital.

Just because the series ends, does not mean it is a new insecurity, it does not create new problems. Kavya learns that the 30th turn may also come with it. The uncertainty of life shows her unfulfilled dreams, why even your back is not always your back. Finding and keeping a job and love may be the focus of your early 20s but the latter show you the trailer for acknowledging the unhealthy, distant parents and the peace that a normal life gives. The pole may have come to a dream job but it was not built with a bow. As a team leader, he must also give his team the bad news about their salary being late. Kavya and Dhruv are growing together and separately.

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In the fourth season, a chapter focuses only on the same adventures of Kavya and Thuru, discovering what they really need. On her birthday, Kavya had to go for a solo visit to Fort Kochi after being caught up in a work event. She lands on the most healthy version of what appears to be an AA encounter where people tell each other important stories about their lives. Despite her funny introduction about herself, it could not have been a better day for Kavya. Because that’s when she realized how a fulfilling day can be without relying on the pole or anyone. On the other hand, Dhruv learns how a friend’s humble father lives the best life among them. The two get new perspectives on their lives and come together to sit next to each other for a beautiful sunset.

At the end of eight episodes, Kavya and Dhruv find the story closing. Calls are being withdrawn for the first season – around Sai, Yes Boss and Midnight Mumbai. In no time to remove one from the subtle part of the little things it will not be sizzling or too pictorial. Arguments about the Pies, Beetroot Poppot, Tinde and Nerf gun battles ground all chapters. The effect is 100 times better when it comes to parents in the final episode. If Thuru is nervous about talking to his father, he mentions eating millet for the birds. Dads talk about Mumbai’s balcony problems and dads are still angry because they do not take water from the fridge. I could see another season of life and love for Kavya and Thuru but I can beg to see a whole series dedicated to Thuru’s mother. Maybe this is the gift of our separation?

Little things
Created by: Polar Sekel
Acting: Dhruv Sehgal, Mithila Balkar



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