Kerala Tour gives a national twist to Squid game’s Tolkona candy challenge, Netflix reacts

Kerala Tourism’s official Twitter account has given its own twist to one of the challenges on the squid game. On Wednesday, the social media account featured a revised image of Lee Jung-jai’s character Seong Ki-hoon, part of Kerala’s famous banana chip, against the talcona candy found on the show.

Sharing the picture, Kerala Tourism said, “The toughest challenge ever. Can only one stop? #SquidGame #BananaChips #Cuisine #KeralaTourism. “On Netflix India’s Twitter handle, he was inspired to take over and leave them counter-challenged,” counter-challenge: carving fear out of print.

“Challenge Accepted! # Fear # Kerala Tourism

The squid game is one of the most popular shows this year. Korean survival drama has won audiences across different countries across borders and language barriers, and India is no different. At the time of reporting, Squid Game was number one in the top 10 shows in India.

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Speaking to the Korea Times, Squid Game director Hwang Dong-hyuk revealed that it took more than a decade to present the show. “About 10 years ago I figured out which games to use in the story. And, initially, the red light, green light game has a big impact with shocking mass deaths,” he said.

“As it was a decade ago, creating the story series was still an adventure. I knew it was all or nothing; it was a masterpiece or a humorous failure. The idea behind this work is very experimental. I keep asking myself if they believe me, “he added.

Squid game stars Lee Jung-jay, Jung Ho-yeon, Park Hee-soo, Wai Ha-jun, Kim Joo-ryong, Hyo Chung-tae, O Young-soo, Lee Yu-mi, Anupam Tripathi and Kang Yu, among others. . Many others.



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