Inside Priyanka Chopra’s personal jet life with the Citadel crew, Champagne and Diana. See

Priyanka Chopra’s Citadel co-star Ozzy Igle shared a video on Instagram showing her personal jet and the hotel where they are staying.

Posted on September 28, 2021 01:38 PM IST

Actor Priyanka Chopra has moved to a new location for the shooting of her upcoming series Citadel. On Monday, his co-star Ozzy Eagle shared a video on Instagram showing the interior of their personal jet.

Ozzy, who celebrated his birthday on Monday, shared an Instagram reels video. “Today is 33 !!! Thank you Lord !!!! Very blessed !! Thank you so much! God is good! Famtree success! Life is over,” he said in the title of the video. Inside the plane, Priyanka could be seen drinking champagne with an intense look.


The crew played Uno on the plane and took advantage of all the private jet offers offered to them. OC closed the video with a short tour of their luxury hotel. He shared another post as he posed with Diana in his arms. He geo-tagged himself in Valencia, Spain.

Citadel is a spy series produced by the Russo Brothers of Avengers: Infinity War and EndCom. Priyanka plays the lead role in the series with Game of Thrones star Richard Madden.

Citadel will feature several sister-series scenes in different countries. In India, the series was co-produced by Raj and D.K. However, nothing else is known about the cast or production timeline.

Apart from Citadel, Priyanka will also be seen in The Matrix resurrection with Keanu Reeves. He has a text for you with Outlander star Sam Hughes. It will also feature a special appearance by singer Celine Dion.

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Priyanka recently announced her comeback Bollywood film Zee Le Zara, directed by Barhan Akhtar. The film is produced by Excel Entertainment and Tiger Baby Films and stars Alia Bhatt and Katrina Kaif.

Earlier this month, Priyanka had to apologize to her fans for a series called The Activist, a series that aims to promote social activists with the aim of getting the highest amount on social media. Funds to win the game. It got a huge backlash on social websites and Priyanka apologized to fans and followers for accidentally hurting their feelings.




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