The squid game has become one of the most watched shows of the year. The show has been ranked No. 1 in 90 countries, including the United States, in 10 days. The Netflix series from South Korea revolves around a group of signatories participating in games played by children. However, things can become bloody when players realize that there are deadly consequences to losing games. While the series features many Korean stars, there is also an Indian actor – Anupam Tripathi.

The New Delhi-based actor plays Pakistani player Player No. 199. However, before the series, Anupam played minor roles in other g-plays. One of them is the glorious descendant of the Sun. The show stars Chang Joong-ki and Chang Hai-kyo in the lead roles. In the sixth episode, Anupam plays a man injured in an earthquake.

Anupam Tripathi in the descent of the Sun.
Anupam Tripathi in the descent of the Sun.

In the scene, the character of the song Hi-Kio, after his injuries, he gave her his shoes so that he could comfortably see the injured. Anupam returned for another song Jong-ki project, this time the movie Space Sweepers, which was released earlier this year. In the film, he played an assistant to the enemy James Sullivan. He also appeared in the song Jung-Ki’s Artal Chronicles.

Anupam Tripathi in Space Wipes.  & Nbsp;
Anupam Tripathi in Space Wipes.

Apart from these projects, Anupam was also credited with the remake of On for My Father as Bharat by Salman Khan. Anupam also starred in the hit show on the hospital playlist.

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Anupam moved to South Korea in 2010 to pursue acting studies. “I have to think diligently every day in Korea for 10 years as a student and as a theater actor,” he told Yonhap News. He said his parents did not decide to continue acting. “My father, who came from a middle class family in India, told me that I should study and work and earn money,” he said.

The success of the game of squid has made his family proud. “Both my mom and brothers are proud of me. I was sure it was a good thing to do. However, my father, who passed away in 2017, would have wished he had seen it, but it’s so bad,” he said.


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