How the OTT culture helped the acting industry, increase the content list

Showbiz’s world famous stars took part in their thoughts on the evolution across the sites of entertainment and creative content and the way forward in the entertainment industry in the early edition of HT Nxt.

The evolution of filmmaking

Making films today is not like before, said veteran actor Shatrughan Sinha while participating in a discussion with his daughter and actor Sonakshi Sinha.

“It’s a great change. Behle Superstar Heroes Hot The, Khyber Directors Bee Hot – Bimal Roy, Dulal Guha, Hrishikesh Mukherjee … Raha Hi Like Aaj Teamwork. But people are working hard, especially newcomers, ”Shatrugan said.

However, Sonakshi said the level of commitment of today’s generation is no less than their predecessors. “Technology was not so advanced, in the past there was more production. Now, there are more tools for composing, filmmaking, etc. Because of this, our so-called ‘mehnath’ is less, but the commitment is the same.”

When asked which era was best – his or his daughter’s – Shatrugan said with a smile that it was difficult to choose. “Her time ka apna plus our minus hota hi. Hamre time main teen-char shorts carde the, dates ki komi hoti the. Aaj tak afsos hi aur kushi bee. I could not sholey because I could not give them the dates they needed. If not, I am happy that it has given India an iconic and outstanding actor, Amitabh Bachchan, ”he said.

Game Converter OTT

The rise of OTT media has given actors more opportunities to prove their talents. HT NxT today combined the four most popular names in the media: Razika Tugal, Sayani Gupta, Keerthi Gulhari and Jaideep Ahlawat, who have had the opportunity to come to the forefront of OTT in many genres.

“Because of digital sites, people are looking at content from outside India. They are asking, ‘Why don’t we offer the same content?’ Pointing to the increased access, Gulhari added, “A lot of stereotypes are being broken and a lot of new is coming into the industry. This is a great time for us and the audience.

They discussed how the actors now have a wide range of plans to choose from as there are so many offers.

“Choosing is a very personal thing. It depends on where you are in life – mentally and emotionally, whether you have dates, whether money is good or not … there are many reasons. It’s not just an OTT thing. When I don’t have much work, I do a lot. I was active and now that I have more work to do, I am still there, ”Gupta said.

Gulhari also spoke happily about how women’s representation is changing due to OTT. “The quality of writing is getting better, and women are playing it in the OTT space,” he said.

The future of online

Prajakta Koli, one of the biggest social media influencers popularized by today’s YouTube channel Mostly Chan, spoke about how content is going to work in the future, “nothing else is going to work”.

“That’s what helped her stay in the game,” the 28-year-old said. But as I publish the content, it helped me to float. Consistency helps. I think our audience is very intelligent. They know every click, like, dislike and comment well. As a creator, never take them for granted.

He said he no longer pays attention to the comments that come to him on social media. “It doesn’t affect me at this point in life. Three years ago, I was obsessed with it – why a video got 50,000 fewer views, glad I got 4,000 followers. I didn’t want to sound like a sermon, but I reached a point where it was neither big nor small. Four million. [followers] It may be too big for us, but 60-70% of the country has no idea who I am.



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