Exclusive to HT City: Alvaro Morte aka Professor from Money Heist: I’d like to come to India

He’s a professor, but not the kind we meet in colleges. He has a class, but thieves. And it has many shades, but not even the ones you can hate. Spanish actor Alvaro Morte achieved worldwide fame thanks to his screen representation in Spanish dramas, Stealing money. But he’s not worried about leaving the character behind to explore something new.

Just a few years ago, Morty was a complete stranger to many. but, Stealing money, also known as La Casa De Papel in Spanish, changed things for him. And he is humbled to get all the love from India too. “I’ve wanted to go to India (for a long time). Everyone I know has been there, and comes with a huge shock at the country, its culture, its people and its food,” Morty told us in an exclusive interview.

I also appreciate all the mass demonstrations in India on social media. The response the offer got from India is absolutely unbelievable. I thank everyone for that.”

Morty has been living with his character, The Professor, since 2017. And now, with the Netflix series coming to a close with season five, the 46-year-old feels the time is right to express his alter ego.

“Well, I’m an actor. Fortunately, nowadays, I can see that audiences all over the world are used to watching fairy tales. The audience is so clever that I consider it, wish and suppose, that they will be able to see me doing all the (other) work and separating the image of the professor.” ‘, shares Morty when asked if it will be a difficult task to get out of his shadows Stealing money Character difference. He adds, “I understand the character’s success because of the series. It was huge. But I don’t want to think that the audience will stay with just that image.”

For Morty, the joy of being an actor is being able to take on other characters. “When you write a long story, you risk doing it poorly or getting tired of it. I think it was a good moment to stop Stealing moneyGive the fans a good product and let them rest.”

Morty doesn’t know what the future holds, but he’s excited. “I don’t know what will happen in the future. I think it’s time to end this and get into other projects. It would be unfair for any actor to be associated with a real character,” says the actor.

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