Elnas Norouchi reveals being part of International Emmy-nominated Israeli show Tehran Season Two

Actor Elnas Norousy talks about starring with Hollywood actor Glenn Klose in the second season of the Israeli show Tehran.

Currently in Athens, Greece, the excitement about Elnas Norosi’s latest project is clear. The actor is in a European country for the second season of the Israeli thriller Tehran.

“When I saw season one, I wanted to say, ‘Oh, I should have been in this series.’ And then when I came to audition earlier this year, I had to give it all up. It paid off, and I’m very happy. I’m busy shooting it now.” Said the 29-year-old actor excitedly.

The show’s first season has also been nominated for International Emmys this year. Norushi says he got the news when he landed in Athens.

“We have different tables. When I landed here, the nominees were out, we were all scared here! The producers didn’t even expect this to happen. We all met for a drink in the evening. It’s a great thing for the show, we have Glenn Close for this season. It’s too big, ”he admits Sacred Games The actor is excited to work with Oscar-winning actor Glenn Klose.

Norucci, who traveled throughout the epidemic to shoot for an international project, now admits the situation is very different.

“I went to Europe when things (epidemic) were not bad. Then when it got worse there, I traveled to India. The experience is no longer the same. Now you have a lot of ethics, you have to show your vaccination documents. Every country now has these forms, they are you Addresses need to be filled in. It is not as easy as before when booking and departing your flights, ”she concludes.

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