Divya Agarwal says she treats Salman Khan differently than she did with Karan Johar: ‘It doesn’t make sense’

Divya Agarwal made history as the first winner of Bigg Boss OTT on Saturday. For more than six weeks, he has established himself as a strong player, not to mention what he has in mind, even though he has been embroiled in a heated debate with host Karan Johar.

In the first Sunday Ka War episode, Karan dragged Divya and then she said on the show that she ‘had to suffer’. Speaking to the Hindustan Times, she explained how she was affected. “I was very angry because it was the first weekend ka war,” he said, adding that interacting with the host was ‘like a commitment’ to the contestant. “Someone from outside comes and talks to you, destroys things, shows the game in a very subtle way so you can understand what’s going on outside.”

Divya said she was not bothered by those standing in front of her as she had the ‘power of truth’ by ​​her side. “When I do not say those things, if Karan Johar comes and says to me ‘You did this’ … whatever it is, I will not accept it. Your age, your gender, your experience, your power, your status, the power of unseen reality. I was very optimistic about it, yes, I was a little bad, but it was only to protect me because I felt everything, everyone was going against me, ”he said.

Recently, in an interview, Divya said that she wants to be a part of Bigg Boss 15 and admitted that she is ‘a little scared’ of Salman Khan if given. Imagine, if she were a contestant on the show, would her behavior with him be different from the way she behaved with Karan?

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“Salman Khan has insane references to everyone and I know for sure that he has a very different perspective on things. He thinks from every angle, I am always afraid of people who control my mental balance and make me suspicious. I think I am talented, but I will try my best, ”he said.

“Behavior change alone will not make sense to me (laughs). Jitna Tarike Se main Samja Shakti Hoon (I will explain as quietly as I can) because when I look at my clips, ‘God, I’m in it, I’m screaming.’ This time, it will be a little quieter, but what I want to say is, do not restrain me, whether it is Salman Khan, my father, my brother or anyone in front of me, ”he added.



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