Dhami Drashti catches Karan Johar by surprise by her reply showing Kangana Ranaut in Koffee Shots with Karan. Watch

Director Karan Johar will soon appear in conversation with the main cast of web series The Empire Kunal Kapoor, Dino Morea and Drashti Dhami. A promotion for the same has been shared by Disney + Hotstar.

In the promo, when he took the three of them on the couch at Koffee Shots with Karan, Karan asked questions to each one of them. From my study, he wanted to know: “Who is the current actress that you consider your role model?” Drashti hastily replied: “Your favorite Kang… Priyanka Chopra.” Karan replied, “I’m keeping my face.” Dino was in splits.

Drashti also mentioned her stress while acting with the other two and how she had to go through her lines constantly while they (Karan and Dino) knew very well.

Dino’s appearance in the series has been talked about a fair deal, even since the first look was revealed. “I saw your look and he’s a badass,” Karan said. “I followed an animal,” said Dino, “and I went with a tiger.” Karan then asked, “So what kind of animal are you off screen?” Dino replied, “I’m a puppy, everyone loves a puppy.”

There was a question for all three of them: “On the battlefield, who is going to click on their selfies?” Kunal immediately replied, “I think you are.” Agreeing with him, Dino made a clicking gesture on a selfie.

Finally Kunal asked, “What message are you sending to Abhishek Bachchan?” The actor replied: “Just bhai, kabaddi kabaddi liver”. It should be noted that Kunal is married to Abhishek’s cousin Nina. Abhishek also owns Kabaddi team, Jaipur Pink Panthers.

Empire is based on a book – Moghul: Raiders from the North – by Alex Rutherford. It stars Kunal as Mughal Emperor Babur and Dino as his arch rival, Shaybani Khan.

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The show was controversial with most reviews criticizing it for being a poor version of Game of Thrones and Padmaavat. Director Kabir Khan also described some depictions of Mughals in Hindi films as “problematic and disturbing”.

In response, Empire director Mitakshara Kumar told Peeping Moon, “Look, everyone has the right to have their own opinion. I haven’t read this interview, so I don’t know what he said. Kabir Khan is an experienced person and I have great respect for him. If he He says something, there must be some weight behind it. What I’ve seen for Mughals in Hindi cinema is Mughal Azam’s presence is greater. I think they are beautiful pictures too because they are both love stories.. We live in disturbing and difficult times.”



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