Crown Season 5: Queen Imelda Stanton addresses, shouting at Olivia Coleman and Claire Foy. See

At Netflix’s Tudum event on Saturday, Imelda Stanton addressed the audience in the style of the real Queen Elizabeth II. Imelda, seated at a beautiful desk with gold pens, ivory papers, English roses on the back and pictures of her ‘pioneers’, gave her citizens news of the upcoming fifth season.

The new season, starring Imelda in November 2022, will be screened in November 2022. I’m glad I got the role of Queen Elizabeth from two great actresses. Most recently, the most amazing Olivia Coleman and the actress who created that part, Claire Foy, who can forget, ”he said.

“I will do everything I can to maintain the highest standards they set. Hopefully, I will be quiet and efficient in collecting. We look forward to bringing you the next season of The Crown in November 2022,” he added.

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Imelda is Queen Elizabeth for the fifth and sixth seasons of the show. Shortly after filming began in July, The Crown’s official Twitter handle shared an initial look at the new Queen Elizabeth II. Other actors on the show include Jonathan Price as Prince Philip, Elizabeth Debigy as Princess Diana and Dominic West as Prince Charles. Season 5 stars Leslie Manville as Princess Margaret and Johnny Lee Miller as Prime Minister John Major.

In addition to The Crown, Extraction 2, Red Notice, The Witcher, Bridgeton Season Two, The Sandman were teased during a Netflix global fan event on Saturday. During the three-hour virtual event, the streamer all came out as it provided teasers, trailers, first looks and exclusive footage from more than 100 shows and series.



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