Casting characters is not easy based on real events: Harsh A Singh

State of the Siege: Last seen in projects like Temple Attack and Mumbai Tires, actor Harsh A Singh feels that everyone in the OTT industry has changed the scene, and being a part of this revolution is a boon.

“Coming from a theatrical background, I always knew my abilities and had a reasonable idea that I could do justice to any character that came my way. But I could not communicate because work like that did not continue. Producers and technicians, for that matter, were separated, but today, all those lines have been erased, and it’s definitely a blessing.

Singh, who starred in Raman Raghav, Kabir Singh, TV dailies and eight web series, came to Mumbai and became a singer, but completed an RJ job compiling plays.

“My goal was to sing until I met Quasar Padamsee as a stage announcer. He gave me a role in a play that eventually introduced me to the wonderful world of theater. If doing theater was money, I would have done it all my life, but unfortunately, it’s not all of us. I needed money, so I had to look for more work in the industry. Today, I have no worries about coming to acting, which is what I really enjoy, ‚ÄĚsays Singh.

Speaking of the recently released Singh series, it is not easy for Singh to act in roles that combine technologies. He says: “It is not easy to act in characters based on real events. The Mumbai team … 26/11, in particular, our producers specifically mentioned the actors who play the doctors. My love and respect for doctors has multiplied many times over, after realizing how much they do for us on duty.

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