Bridgeton 2: Netflix introduces Kate Sharma in the first clip of the show

At Saturday’s event, Netflix released the first clip of their upcoming second Bridgeton season. Check it out here.

Posted on September 26, 2021 08:59 PM IST

Netflix released the first look clip of the upcoming second season of Bridgeton on Saturday at their global fan event Dodum. This clip gives fans a new look at Simon Ashley as Kate Sharma.

The new season, currently in production, is set in Regency London. It will focus on her equation with her brother Anthony Bridgeton (Jonathan Bailey) and Kate from Daphne and Simon.


In the clip, Anthony chases Kate out of a ball. The two rudely argue that Anthony said something about her behind her back, but he wants to flirt with her a little.

Anthony is looking for a suitable wife to settle into the new season after breaking up with his secret girlfriend, Siana Rosso, who plays his Secret Bartlett. In the novel, Simon’s character is named Kate Sheffield. However, the show’s creative team had earlier decided that his family was of Indian descent and changed his family name to Sharma.

British Indian actor Charithra Chandran played Kate’s younger sister- Edwina, who will be seen as the latest water’s latest diamond. Phoebe Denver will return as Daphne Bridget, but without Duke, Reg played Jean-Page. He announced his departure from the upcoming episodes of the series in April.

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The first season of the series was narrated by Lady Whistletown (voiced by Julie Andrews), the author of a mysterious rumor.

With an audience of 82 million families, Bridgeton became the most-watched series on Netflix. The series topped 76 countries on Netflix. In January 2021, Netflix announced that the series had been updated for a second season.




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