Bigg Boss OTT: Shamita Shetty attacks Rakesh Babat for not defending her as Nishant Bhatt calls her ‘Ice Queen’, watch

Things got heated up at the Bigg Boss OTT house on Sunday when Nishant Bhat introduced Shamita Shetty ‘ghamand wali candy’ during a game and called her arrogant. He also criticized the way she deals with her “relationship” with Ruqish Babat.

She called Nishant Chamita an “ice queen” and said she wanted everything in Big Boss’ house to happen according to her. He also said that her views and friendships “fit her”.

“Inke Connection ke baare mein bhi jis tareeke se woh unke saath rehti hai, unse bartaav karti hai, mujhe woh bohot ghamandi bartaav lagta hai (the way she handles her relationship, the way she treats him, I find her behavior very arrogant), he said.

Shamita said that Nishant is thinking hard of himself. “As far as Raqish is concerned, Thak Gai Hoon Ragish Ko defended Karti Karti, Kiunki Pohot Sari just scored a coup Kar Rahi Hai Yeh Paul Ki Ki Main Ragish Ko Sahi Trike I treat Nahi Karti Hoon (I got tired of defending him because she said: “He overturns People are on me and say I’m not treating him properly.”

“I won’t do that anymore. He has a voice and if he wants to say something he can say it himself. I don’t have it,” she added.

After the match ended, Shamita lost her cool at a mottle and shouted, “Keep calm, Han. He will keep saying things about my relationship with you and how I control you, you keep quiet. I will only continue to defend myself always.”


When Ragash suggested she was overreacting, Shamita said, “No, I’m not exaggerating. He’s on national television, he says I’m controlling you. I’m the one who treats you badly. You keep your mouth shut when he says that about me. He doesn’t feel like I’m treating you kindly.” .

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Ruqaish asked why Shamita got involved with him, and she told him that what they were being said had something to do with them. “Why are you interacting with him?” Asked. Later on, she got into a screaming match with Nishant.



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