A slice of real life on OTT or Reality bites OTT

The error of reality seems to have bitten OTT in such a big way that many real-life stories or semi-fictional accounts of any real-life event have found their footing on various platforms.

Some of them include whistle Based on the life of Indian Army Captain Vikram Batra, Ajay Devgn Bhuj: Pride of India Set during the Indo-Pakistan War of 1971, the Mumbai Diary 26/11 web series revisits the night of the terrorist attacks on Mumbai on November 26, 2008, empire About the Mughal Empire, Siege state: Temple Attack Inspired by the realistic terrorist attack on the Akshardham temple in Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad, Randeep Hooda’s upcoming web series Inspector Avinash Based on the real life events of Super Cop Avinash Mishra.

Still image from Empire web series
Still image from Empire web series

Mostly all of these stories are based on real events but in some cases some of them were portrayed a bit dramatic, but it is still very close to what actually happened.

whistle From a creative point of view, director Vishnovardhan says, real life stories always have a lot of raw emotions attached to them.

“It becomes the story of not just one person but the story of all the people who shaped his life and made an impact on his growth. Matthew whistle Coming to me, I knew it was a story that had to be told from every aspect of his life. This means that the research process should be at the mark and it became necessary to get all the facts and details about his life correctly. Then came the challenge to maintain a balance between staying true to source material and taking cinematic freedom to flow into the story. In my opinion, a good biopic is one that can strike that delicate balance,” says director Siddharth Malhotra Star.

talking about empireActor Kunal Kapoor says the decision makers have been very clear in saying that this is a piece of historical information, and that it is based on incidents in history.

“It’s been imagined. If we’re claiming that this is autobiographical, and what the character is, then you get a certain sense of whether it’s totally accurate, I guess in this case, because we say it’s historical fiction, my attempt as far as the actor involved, is to be honest. With the source material, it’s Empire of the Moghul: Raiders from the North by Alex Rutherford. So I wasn’t worried about making a show based on real life,” he says.

Still image from the movie The Big Bull
Still image from the movie The Big Bull

Director Anand Pandit, who was behind last year big bull Inspired by Harshad Mehta’s life, he tells him that the biopic is about capturing the essence of a person, his or her struggles before the great leap to greatness or immortality.

“You can’t just pick a random moment in life, you must instead focus the story in such a way that people learn what the person stands for. The point is not to do too much or too little. I look forward to seeing the much fancied and perhaps even relevant biography of Aretha Franklin.” One day, you will also be creating an autobiography of a life that has inspired and influenced my life,” he shares.

Commercial expert Taran Adarsh ​​believes that the factor of public relativity scores great for such projects.

“Not only movies, but web series inspired by many real-life events do a great OTT performance. People love to relive some of those stories. I also believe that movies or series inspired by real life are the best way to chronicle an event and also help people to relive some of those stories. a ticket “.

Directed by Girish Malik, who drew inspiration from the situation in Afghanistan for his film OTT which was released Turbaz, it was a challenge.

“It is very important to do it right and that is what worries the director. When you make films that are inspired by or based on real people, there is also a lot of responsibility that one feels as someone leading a project. My films “Turbaz” were inspired by real life events that happened in Afghanistan Over the past two decades or more. It’s been a sensitive topic because we’re talking about shelters, terrorism and suicide bombings, I’ve done a lot of research and studied a lot about history and met so many people just so I can get it right,” he adds.

Screenshot from 200: Halla Ho
Screenshot from 200: Halla Ho

Vikram Mehra, MD Saregama India, says relevance and relevance are why OTT’s real-life stories are so successful. He adds that audiences are able to empathize and relate more to stories inspired by real life rather than fictional characters, and thus there is a growing demand for such stories.

“The added bonus of the real-life inspired stories for the filmmakers is that they already have a compelling, engaging story in place that has captured audiences in the past – they just need to adapt it to the big screen. Hence, it comes as no surprise that our last film, 200: Halla Ho which had a live digital release on Zee5, and has been garnered a lot of love from critics and fans alike as it was inspired by a real horrific incident”, shares Mehra.



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