Assembly elections 2022: The BJP core committee, which has discussed the names of candidates for the Uttarakhand and Goa elections, may announce on January 19.

Summary The list of 70 candidates for Uttarakhand will be released from January 20 to 21. This time the party has given the slogan ‘Abky Bar 60 Par’ in Uttarakhand. Meanwhile, the final list of BJP candidates for the Goa Assembly elections will be announced on January 19. Listen to the news Listen to the … Read more

Uttarakhand elections 2022: BJP agrees to 50 names, panel to brainstorm at central body meeting on Sunday

Summary A meeting will be held in New Delhi on Sunday to examine the panel of names from Uttarakhand. Union Home Minister Amit Shah is scheduled to attend the meeting. BJP state president Madan Kaushik – Photo: File photo Listen to the news Listen to the news Nearly 50 names have been finalized in the … Read more

Assembly elections 2022 live: Today could be a big setback for the SP, with this member of the Mulayam family joining the BJP being the talk of the town.

09:40 AM, 16-January-2022 SP could get a big blow today The Samajwadi Party, which has fielded three cabinet ministers and eight MLAs, is likely to face a major setback today. It has been reported that Mulayam Singh Yadav’s younger sister – in – law Aparna Yadav may join the Bharatiya Janata Party today. Aparna contested … Read more

Assembly elections 2022 live: Mayawati says why not contest elections, Chandrasekhar announces we will not ally with SP.

11:45 AM, 15-Jan-2022 The BJP is likely to release the first list of candidates for the Uttar Pradesh elections The BJP is likely to release the first list of Uttar Pradesh elections today. The list can be released at a press conference at 12.30pm. 11:30 AM, 15-Jan-2022 BSP has announced candidates for 53 seats in … Read more

Rahul Gandhi in Dehradun: Rahul aims at sacrifice, unemployment, inflation and investors, a glimpse of the rally in films

– Photo: Amar Ujala At a rally in Dehradun, the capital of Uttarakhand, Rahul Gandhi focused on sacrifice, unemployment, inflation and investors. He did not target Uttarakhand BJP leaders. However, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was outraged. Elections 2022: Rahul Gandhi shouts in Dehradun, attacking Prime Minister Narendra Modi with these 10 things and photos. At … Read more

Rahul Gandhi in Dehradun: Rahul Gandhi will be laying the foundation stone for the elections today and the Congress has said that the rally will be historic.

News Desk, Amar Ujala, Dehradun Published by: Nirmala Suyal Updated to Thursday, 16 December 2021 01:30 AM IST Summary Priyadarshini Military Award will be presented to ex-servicemen and families of martyred soldiers at the rally to mark the 50th anniversary of India’s historic victory over Pakistan in the Bangladesh Emergency War. Rahul Gandhi – Photo: … Read more

Uttarakhand elections: 12 people sitting at home can order Ganga water from Shivalingas, Amit Shah launches scheme

Summary Uttarakhand Prabuddha Yojana Vice President Mohan Singh Bisht told Amar Ujala that enlightenment classes are being conducted in every assembly in the state at present. The second part is going to start after Diwali. Under this, the BJP plans to connect at least ten enlightened citizens from every booth in all the legislatures. Amit … Read more

Amar Ujala Special: Elderly, disabled and Kovid can vote from infected home, facility available for the first time

Aftab Azmat, Amar Ujala, Dehradun Published by: Alka Tyagi Updated to Tuesday, 26 October 2021 11:32 AM IST Summary Uttarakhand Elections 2022: So far only the police, election personnel, army officers and constables are using the postal ballot. This facility is going to be launched for the first time for the elderly, the disabled and … Read more