Ananya Pandey acts as an intern at Star vs. Food, and the chef asks her ‘Do you go to the gym every day?’

In the latest episode of Star vs. Food, actor Ananya Pandey was severely embarrassed when she received speed by a chef. Ananya came to the show with the goal of doing something special for her parents Chunky Pandey and Bhavana Pandey, but soon realized that she was bitten more than she was chewing. Unique pastry … Read more

Chunky Pandey recalled that a few days after the wedding the wife was fed raw butter chicken by conception

Chunky Pandey narrates the story of when she went to meet her fianc’s in-laws before marrying Bhavana Pandey and it is said that she actually prepared dinner for everyone when she ordered food. Chunky recalls a comedy story in the Discovery + Show Star vs. Food episode starring his daughter Ananya Pandey as a guest. … Read more

Star vs Food: Janhvi Kapoor reveals she’s hiding in the trunk of her car to escape the paparazzi

Actress Janhvi Kapoor, in the first episode of Star vs Food Season Two, shared several stories about herself. In addition to revealing an embarrassing incident from her youth, she also spoke about how she evaded the paparazzi. In the show, where a celebrity prepares a quality meal in the restaurant under the supervision of a … Read more