Squid game star Lee Jung Jae has boycotted the Golden Globes 2022

Squid game Despite being nominated for awards, star Lee Jung Jae did not attend the Golden Globes 2022. The actor, who starred in the drama Dystopian, was nominated for Best Performance in a Television Series. Squid Game was also nominated for Best Television Series – Drama and O Yong Su was nominated for Best Supporting … Read more

Squid game star Anupam Tripathi expresses her mother’s reaction to her new success: ‘Ziada Udna Boy’

After playing Ali in Squid Game, Anupam Tripathi became a household name. He has won fans from many countries and his admiration is increasing. He said his mother warned him not to take it when he was enjoying new success. Anupam was raised in Delhi 11 years before moving to South Korea. The actor was … Read more

Squid game star, Delhi’s Anupam Tripathi wants to perform in front of ‘own audience’ in India

Anupam Tripathi is still collecting applause on the South Korean series Squid Game Netflix. The actor, who grew up in Delhi, has expressed his desire to perform in front of his home audience. Anupam plays Ali Abdul, a Pakistani immigrant who is in debt for participating in deadly Korean games. Anupam says he landed the … Read more

Kerala Tour gives a national twist to Squid game’s Tolkona candy challenge, Netflix reacts

Kerala Tourism’s official Twitter account has given its own twist to one of the challenges on the squid game. On Wednesday, the social media account featured a revised image of Lee Jung-jai’s character Seong Ki-hoon, part of Kerala’s famous banana chip, against the talcona candy found on the show. Sharing the picture, Kerala Tourism said, … Read more

Squid Game: 5 details you may not have noticed on the Netflix show, from Jung Ho-yeon’s North Korean accent to the predicted deaths

The squid game world has been hit by a storm. Despite the fact that the Korean survival drama has fans discussing the theories for the second season, a certain section of the squid game audience is finding details about the show that went unnoticed by many. Before we continue, in front of the spoilers: North … Read more

Squid game: Korean speaker mocks Netflix series for ‘Poch’ English subtitles, ‘Translation was too bad’

The Netflix squid game makes everyone talk. Korean survival drama has topped the charts in various countries since its launch last month. Although the show received positive reviews, a Korean speaker called for the series to be subtitled in English, with some of the characters’ nuances changing. A Twitter user with a Yangmi Meyer handle … Read more

‘Bollywood Squid Game Made First’: Fans found similarities between Netflix drama and Sanjay Dutt’s Luck.

Netflix’s Korean drama Squid Game reminds Bollywood fans of the 2009 movie Luck. Many who watched the Survival game series pointed out on Twitter that the squid game looks like a comprehensive version starring Sanjay Dutt, Imran Khan and Shruti Hassan. The Squid Game is a nine-part series that revolves around 450-odd competitors playing to … Read more

Indian actor Anupam Tripathi of Squid Game has an interesting connection with the song Jong-ki and the song Hi-kyo

The squid game has become one of the most watched shows of the year. The show has been ranked No. 1 in 90 countries, including the United States, in 10 days. The Netflix series from South Korea revolves around a group of signatories participating in games played by children. However, things can become bloody when … Read more