Kristen Stewart brings Princess Diana film Spencer to London: ‘Glad to bring it home’

American actor Kristen Stewart Premiere Drama Spencer At the London Film Festival on Thursday, she said she was excited to bring the role of the late Princess Diana to a British audience. The 31-year-old was praised for her performance in the film. Diana arranged for three days as she reluctantly went to Sandringham House for … Read more

Spencer’s first poster suggests the tragic life of Princess Diana after becoming royal

Spencer’s first poster starring Kristen Stewart is out, and it marks the tragic life of Princess Diana after her marriage to the royal family. The poster does not show Diana’s face, instead her face is hidden in the huge iconic gown she wore at her highly hyped wedding to Prince Charles. The makers recently showed … Read more

Spencer Teaser: Kristen Stewart plays Princess Diana, watch the video

Here is Spencer’s first teaser starring Kristen Stewart, and Princess Diana takes her tragic life back after entering her royal wedding. Spencer describes a fictional version of the weekend at the Sandringham Estate that closed her untimely fate. And, the first footage gives us an accurate sneak peek of what was screened in the movie. … Read more

Spencer Trailer: Kristen Stewart stars as Princess Diana in a loveless marriage to Prince Charles.

The first full trailer of Spencer The film was unveiled before its November release. The movie starring Kristen Stewart is about Diana Spencer, better known as Princess Diana, because her marriage to Prince Charles is about to take place soon. It’s Christmas and the whole family is going to spend some time together. Currently, marital … Read more

Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana at the Venice Film Festival

Following her divorce from Prince Charles, Chilean director Pablo Lorraine follows a transformative Stewart as the troubled princess wants to join the royal family for a three-day Christmas meeting at Sandringham House. The film portrays Diana as a misfit, isolated and alienated from the rest of the royal family except William and Harry – and … Read more

Spencer Review Roundup: Kristen Stewart’s turn as Princess Diana evokes a fantastic reception

First reviews for Spencer starring Kristen Stewart Are here. The film is based on Princess Diana, the late wife of Prince Charles and a member of the British royal family. The film is directed by Pablo Larron and is based on the screenplay of Steven Knight, who is best known for writing TV shows such … Read more