Shahid Kapoor’s new clean-shaven look splits fans, with Ishan Khattar having the best comment

Shahid Kapoor He finally shaved his beard and shaved clean — his look made Kabir Singh fall in love a lot. The star shared a picture of his new look on his Instagram on Thursday night and wrote, “I’m just going for the trim”. N Then it happened …. “ As soon as Shahid left … Read more

Shahid Kapoor says police were upset with Mrinal Thakur having a romance on the bike during the jersey: ‘So, I filmed scenes with that kid’

Jersey actors Shahid Kapoor And Mrinal Thakur will be seen in the upcoming episode of Kapil Sharma show to promote the film. During the episode, Kapil had fun chatting with celebrities, some of which he uploaded on his YouTube channel. In one part of the clip, Shahid appears to be talking about working with child … Read more

Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput interior designer update about their new home with Mumbai Skyline view. See

The new house of Shahid Kapoor and Meera Rajput in Worli, Mumbai has been under construction for over a year. The two have previously shared glyps on what is going on there. On Thursday, a short video on social media gave another abbreviated look at the house under construction. Architect and interior designer Ankur Khosla … Read more

Shahid Kapoor’s brother Ishan Khattar replies ‘It’s okay to be Mira Kapoor’s second love’

Shahid Kapoor feels himself His wife Meera Kapoor‘S second love, but she refuses to accept. To her, he was her first love. On Friday, Shahid shared a video of himself starring alongside Meera. In the video, the two are sitting on a bench in a public place. While Meera is busy looking at her phone, … Read more

Shahid Kapoor kisses Meera Rajput in a new video but says he is not his first love. Here’s why

Actor Shahid Kapoor gives a flying kiss to his wife Meera Rajput. Meera and Shahid’s brother Ishan Khattar responded to the video. On Friday, actor Shahid Kapoor shared a video of himself with his wife Meera Rajput in the background. In the video, you can see Shahid giving you a flying kiss. In the monochrome … Read more

Mira Kapoor thinks this Shahid Kapoor song is ‘too little’ and refuses to answer the question ‘too wrong’ in the new YouTube video

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Shahid Kapoor’s wife Meera Rajput has recently launched her YouTube channel to give fans an insight about her. On Friday, she shared a new video called ‘Get to Know the Real Me’ in which she answered questions from her fans. When asked about her favorite song, Meera said that ‘Playlist’ has a lot of ‘easy, … Read more

OTT is big on the world budget

With star-studded cast and great ideas, the world of over-the-top or OTT sites is also increasing its size based on the budgets allocated to projects. It is also reflected in KPMG’s post-media and entertainment Govt-19 report that it may have one billion digital users in India by 2030, which will increase the demand for OTT … Read more

Liger is not Mike Tyson’s first affair with Bollywood. Watch him promote this Shahid Kapoor movie since 2007

On Monday, producer Karan Johar revealed that former boxing champion Mike Tyson will be part of his upcoming film Liger‌. His association with the film was pitched as seen ‘for the first time on the Indian screen’. While it is true that he has never acted in a Bollywood movie before, Mike has promoted one … Read more

Fan Shahid Kapoor was asked ‘who is hard to manage – kids or wife Meera Rajput’, his answer will leave you

Not only Shahid Kapoor, but also his fans are eagerly awaiting the release of his upcoming film Jersey. On Sunday, Shahid shared that his film is set to release in theaters on December 31st. “It’s still very special,” he explained of the film when he shared the release date on social media platforms. Shahid’s Jersey … Read more