‘Is this the end of the world?’: Priyanka Chopra’s reality show The Activist has been ridiculed and mistrusted by netizens.

The upcoming reality TV show from the non-profit Global Citizen has caused some controversy, ridicule and in some cases distrust on a global scale. By the deadline, the series will have six “inspirational activists” who will be paired with three public figures, Usher, Priyanka Chopra And Julian Hogg. The goal set out in the deadline … Read more

Priyanka Chopra celebrates 21 years of friendship with Laura Dutta: ‘Can be friends at any time’

Priyanka Chopra Jonas Completed 21 years of friendship with her Laura Dutta. She shared a photo with Laura and her daughter on her Instagram profile. In the caption, Priyanka writes that one of their friendships is “friendship that can be made at any time”. She also praised Laura’s daughter, Cyra, for calling her mother the … Read more

The Matrix Renaissance Trailer Takeaways: Neo and Trinity, Priyanka Chopra’s mysterious role

The first trailer for Matrix resurrections Started Thursday. The fourth film in the popular science-fiction action series brings back Lana Wachowski, half of the Wachowski who helped for the previous three installments. Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Mos returned as Neo and Trinity. Jada Pinkett Smith is back as Neob. Priyanka Chopra, Yahya Abdul-Matin II, Jessica … Read more