CBFC seeks explanation from Bhavai producers for ‘breach of certification rules and tampering with film content’

The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) on Friday issued a showcause notice to producers for violating the Bhavai certification rules starring Pratik Gandhi and tampering with film content. Musical drama, about the form of famous folk theater from Gujarat, Earlier it was named as Ravana Leela. It was directed by Hardik Ghajjar and supported … Read more

Scam 1992 star Pratik Gandhi questioned blind faith in Bollywood debut Rawan Leela, see trailer

Pratik Gandhi is all set to make a big debut in Bollywood with Ravana Leela. If you think he will appear in the role of Lord Rama in the costume drama, you have come to the wrong side of the divide. Scam 1992 The actor appears in the role of the demon king Ravana. The … Read more

Pratik Gandhi on changing the title of Ravana Leela to Bhavai: ‘Does it solve anything?’

While the title of his upcoming film Ravana Leela (Bhavai) Just one part was changed to Bhavai to respect the sentiments of the audience, actor Pratik Gandhi said on Tuesday that the reorganization was “not the answer to the broader question”. The film is set against the backdrop of Bhavai, a popular folk theater form … Read more

Pratik Gandhi: ‘I am glad people want to see me more’

Actor Pratik Gandhi hopes that the audience in the middle of his upcoming film Bhavai will be open to moral ambiguity because what is right or wrong will change over time. Gandhi, who was hailed as Harshad Mehta, a stockbroker who became infamous in last year’s hit SonyLive series scam 1992, said the explosion of … Read more

Makers in Prateek Gandhi’s Bhavai release statement after title change: ‘Ravan Leela is not part of the film, Hinduism is highly respected’

Makers Pratik Gandhi‘Bollywood debut film Bhavai, Pen India Ltd on Monday released an official statement to resolve the controversy surrounding their film, which is set to release on October 1, in an ad posted on Pen Studios’ social media platforms on the “fictional love story” of two people working in a drama company and their … Read more

Director Hardik Ghajjar on Bhavai starring Pratik Gandhi: The challenge is not religiously wrong at any time

Filmmaker Hardik Ghajjar says that his upcoming drama starring Pratik Gandhi is using the Ramayana theme to make a big point about the world without humiliating anyone in the process. Gajjar created the film in the backdrop of a popular folk theater forum from Bawai – Gujarat with the scam 1992 star who played the … Read more

Teaser for Raavan Leela: 1992 star Pratik Gandhi delivers powerful monologue as Demon King, fan says ‘what a performance’

The makers of the upcoming film Raavan Leela, starring Prateik Gandhi, revealed a strong teaser for the film on Monday, sparking audiences’ interest in the film’s take on the legendary Demon Lord. Movie star actor Prateik Gandhi of SCAM 1992 fame with actor Indrita Rai in the main roles. Going to his Instagram account, Pratik … Read more