Tom Hardy’s Poison: Leave Carnage to Release on This Date

Tom Hardy Movie Venom2 Ready for release one day before the pre-announced release date. Directed by Andy Serkis, it hits theaters on Thursday, October 14th. Meanwhile, in Maharashtra, cinema halls will finally be allowed to operate from next month, with Venum: Let There Be Carnage having a grand premiere on October 22nd. Venom 2 will … Read more

Tom Hardy ‘does anything’ to cross the line with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man

Sony owns the movie and TV rights to Spider-Man and its supporting characters, one of which is Venom. Currently, there is an agreement between Sony and Marvel Studios to share the role. That’s why Peter Parker may be in the MCU. But that deal won’t last, and if Sony decides to continue the Holland role, … Read more

Poison: Postpone the release of Carnage as covid-19 cases increase in the US

Comic Book Adventure Movie Theatrical Release Poison: Let there be carnageTom Hardy played the title anti-hero by Sony Pictures amid a rise in Kovid-19 cases in the US. Poison Sequel, Scheduled to launch on September 24th in the US, the premiere will now air on October 15th. According to the deadline, the delay is due … Read more

Venom: Let There Be Carnage Release Preponed, Now Released On This Date

Sony Pictures has announced that the film will star Tom Hardy Poison: Let there be carnage Will be released in US theaters two weeks earlier than planned. The 2018 hit Venom sequel, the movie will now hit movie theaters in the US on October 15, instead of the October 15 release date. The move comes … Read more