Ruby Rose slams former manager Titus Day after embezzlement verdict against Guy Sebastian

Ruby Rose took a swing at her former manager after he was found guilty of embezzling money from her former client Guy Sebastian. The Australian actress and model shared a nine-word message on her Instagram stories pointing to Titus Day. Day was found guilty by a jury Thursday on more than 30 of 47 counts … Read more

Guy Sebastian’s manager Titus Day found guilty of embezzling his celebrity client’s money

Guy Sebastian’s longtime manager, once one of his closest friends, has been found guilty of embezzling money from the Australian Idol winner. A jury found Titus Day guilty Thursday on more than 30 of the 47 charges he faced in a trial in the District Court of New South Wales after deliberating for nearly a … Read more

Mom discovers the secret of an AWESOME shower using a dishwashing tablet

Aussie mum discovers the secret to a sparkling shower in just 10 minutes: ‘I’ve never been able to clean myself so easily before, it’s perfect’ A mother used dishwashing tablets to clean a shower and was amazed at the result. “Never in my life have I been able to clean a shower so easily,” she … Read more