Chris Hamesworth Extraction 2 promises to be ‘big and bad’

Chris Hemsworth is loved all over the world, thanks for becoming Thor, but when The actor showed his action chops Minus the superhero suit in the 2020 film extraction, the audience loved him a little more. Hemsworth played the lead role in Netflix’s Sam Hargrave’s Direction, starring Indian stars Pankaj Tripathi, Randeep Hooda and Priyanshu … Read more

Thor Love and Thunder to Extraction 2: Chris Hemsworth Birthday, All Actors Confirmed Projects

Chris Hamesworth 38 years old today. He is best known for his role as Thor in Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, and the actor did more than that. Thor: After Love and Thunder, the fourth Thor movie we hope he will probably move away from MCU, but his fans will not miss seeing him in action … Read more

Chris Hemsworth treats his children to an adorable birthday cake baked: ‘a big pile of sugar’

On this occasion, the three children of the Aussie actor surprised him by baking a cake. He shared his photos and cake on his Instagram account. The cake shows a man dressed in black, probably made with fondant, surfing on the water indicated by the blue base. Chris Hamesworth loves adventure sports and loves surfing. … Read more

The salaries of the biggest stars in Hollywood have been revealed

Daniel Craig will be paid $ 100 million (approximately Rs. 744 crores) for the upcoming Knives Out sequels, which, according to a report on Variety, will explain the salaries to the lead actors in their upcoming projects. Netflix It cost $ 469 million to buy the rights to the two sequels For Ryan Johnson’s acclaimed … Read more