Divya Agarwal looks unrecognizable as an old man in the cartel, fans can’t let go of the ‘crazy’ change

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Rakesh Babat answers ‘very naughty question’ about Shameeta Shetty, look

Rakesh Babat joined Shamita Shetty live on Instagram on Sunday, where they answered questions from fans. Rakesh, who has an art page, was asked where he would display if he had to paint Shamita. “This is a very naughty question. The color of the beach, the sea in front of her and the breeze coming … Read more

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Rakesh Babat on being ‘happy’ with ex-wife Riti Dogra and Shamita Shetty: ‘I would be very happy if she finds love’

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Shemi Shetty’s mother Rakesh supports sin because she ‘Henbeck husband’ comment: ‘You are true’

Sunanda Shetty, mother of Shamita Shetty, responded to Rakesh Baba’s comment that she was Kashmira Shah’s ‘Henbek husband’. Posted on September 24, 2021 03:18 PM IST Sunanda Shetty, mother of Shamita Shetty, responded to Rakesh Baba’s statement that Kanchrera Shah was ‘chicken husband’. Rakesh called himself ‘caring’ and said he was confident in making his … Read more

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