Pandit Birju Maharaj: Kathak emperor Padma Vibhushan Pandit Birju Maharaj is no more and breathed his last in Delhi.

News Desk, Amar Ujala, New Delhi Published by: Jeet Kumar Updated Monday, 17 January 2022 07:13 AM IST Summary Synonymous with Birju Maharaj Kathak. He was a member of the Kalka Bindadin Gharana in Lucknow. Birju Maharaj’s full name is Brij Mohan Nath Mishra. He was born on February 4, 1937 in Lucknow to a … Read more

Horoscopes on January 17: For those of these four zodiac signs, the day will be better, overcoming obstacles in employment and business.

Dainik Rashifal – Photo: Amar Ujala Daily Horoscope | Aaj ka Rashifal In astrology, there are predictions about different times through horoscopes. While the daily horoscope provides predictions about daily events, the weekly, monthly and annual horoscopes contain predictions for the week, month and year, respectively. The daily horoscope (Daily Horoscope) is an estimate based … Read more

Javed Akhtar Birthday: Javed Akhtar is famous for writing love letters, divorcing his first wife and marrying Shabana a second time.

Javed Akhtar – Photo: Amar Ujala, Mumbai Today is the birthday of Bollywood legendary lyricist Javed Akhtar. Javed was born in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. Javed Akhtar was born on January 17, 1945. Javed Akhtar’s real name is magic. Javed’s father Jan Nisar Akhtar is a well known lyricist for Hindi cinema and his mother Saifia … Read more

Assembly elections 2022: The BJP core committee, which has discussed the names of candidates for the Uttarakhand and Goa elections, may announce on January 19.

Summary The list of 70 candidates for Uttarakhand will be released from January 20 to 21. This time the party has given the slogan ‘Abky Bar 60 Par’ in Uttarakhand. Meanwhile, the final list of BJP candidates for the Goa Assembly elections will be announced on January 19. Listen to the news Listen to the … Read more

Vaccination: The Center has told the Supreme Court that a person cannot be given the corona vaccine without permission

PTI, New Delhi Published by: Dev Kashyap Updated Monday, 17 January 2022 02:25 AM IST Summary The Center told the apex court that the Kovid-19 vaccination guidelines issued by the Union Ministry of Health did not address the issue of forced vaccination of a person without permission. Health worker vaccinating adolescents (signal photo) – Photo: … Read more

ర్యాన్ ఆఫ్ యుపి: కుల-మత అక్షం ఆధారంగా రాజకీయాలు, అజంగఢ్, బస్తీ, సిద్ధార్థనగర్, సంత్ కబీర్‌నగర్ గ్రౌండ్ రిపోర్ట్

సారాంశం ఆయ‌రామ్, గాయ‌రామ్… అంద‌రం చేద్దాం రామ్. ప్రజానీకం చప్పట్లు కొట్టింది. సరదాగా కూడా గడిపారు. అసలు యుద్ధం ఇప్పుడు మొదలైంది. క్షేత్రాన్ని అలంకరించారు. క్రమంగా రెజ్లర్లు కూడా రంగంలోకి దిగుతున్నారు. యుద్ధం యొక్క ఫలితం ఎలా ఉంటుందో, భవిష్యత్తు మాత్రమే చెబుతుంది. కానీ, టీ స్టాళ్లలో, వీధి కూడళ్లలో చర్చలు జరుగుతున్నాయి. వార్తలు వినండి వార్తలు వినండి అభివృద్ధి గురించి ప్రశ్నలు ఉన్నాయి, కానీ సాధారణ ప్రజలలో ధ్రువణత ఆధిపత్యం చెలాయిస్తుంది. ఈ రోజు బస్తీ, … Read more

Punjab: The debate on the second list in the Congress after the announcement of 86 candidates, today decided on the argument of these 12 MLAs

News Desk, Amar Ujala, Chandigarh Published by: Ajay Kumar Mon, 17 Jan 2022 04:44 AM IST Updated Summary Tickets for four MLAs were cut in the first list. Of these, Harjot Kamal of Moga is now a BJP member. The names Ajaib Bhatti from Malout, Balwinder Ladi from Sri Hargovindpur and Nathuram from Balluwana are … Read more

Third wave reaches peak: 2.71 lakh new cases in one day, Center says – ready to fight any emergency

Summary It took six days for the number of people infected per day last year to cross three lakhs. This time it got closer in the last four days. However, it is too early to say what level this peak will reach. A team of experts investigating a corona infection variant. – Photo: PTI Listen … Read more

Caution: Corona is fatal to asthma, kidney and cancer patients, according to a Delhi government report

The corona is still becoming malignant in patients with diseases such as COPD (Black Asthma), CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease), sepsis and cancer. These patients are at risk of infection even after taking one or two doses of the vaccine, according to a report by the Delhi Government Death Audit Committee. According to a report available … Read more

Neat PG Counseling 2021: Today is the last day to fill out and lock in college selection

Amar Ujala Bureau, New Delhi Published by: Dev Kashyap Updated Monday, 17 January 2022 to 05:07 AM IST Summary Neat PG counseling began on January 12 following Supreme Court orders. It is also worth noting here that candidates who have not yet registered for Neat PG Counseling. Today is their last day. Such candidates can … Read more