Virat Kohli’s tenure as Royal Challengers Bangalore captain may have ended without an IPL victory, but team pacer Herschelle Patel said the franchise will “celebrate” his achievements over the years.

Herschel, however, did not say exactly how the team plans to celebrate Kohli’s work.

Kohli, who has decided to step down as India’s T20 captain after the upcoming World Cup, has stressed that he will continue as RCB captain after the IPL.

“In terms of his captaincy, there are captains and there are captains, he’s definitely a leader. It does not make him a lesser leader because he does not have a captaincy tag,” Herschel said after the RCB’s defeat to Kolkata Knight Riders in the eliminator on Monday.

“So, I want to thank him for contributing to this team and my growth,” he said, adding that Spipper always supports him whenever he is “down”.

He also said that the team “celebrates” the contributions made by Kohli as captain.

“Yes, I think, of course we’ve going to celebrate his works and it would be great to celebrate with the trophy in our hands, but it’s not so. But as I said his works are enormous and we will definitely celebrate it.”

Herschel admitted that the overall outfit was disappointing on how the Indian Premier League season ended.

“Obviously, we were all disappointed with the way we finished the tournament. The way we were playing, I think we (the) should be in the top two. But as we all know, it’s a game of small margins,” Herschel told a post-match press conference.

Sunil Narine saw his’ old secret ‘with the ball and then topped it with three giant sixes as the Kolkata Knight Riders’ dream of winning the IPL trophy for Kohli in the four-wicket eliminator.

“Looking back you can do things very differently, but at the end of the day, we all know that the first four teams qualified and they are all on the same line.

“So, at the end of the day, who will play well in those special day things, but apparently we are all very disappointed with the way we have done, but we are also proud of the way we played cricket in the league stage,” the Haryana pacer added.

In this IPL edition, Hershal is the highest wicket taker with 32 wickets in 15 games, including 5/27 best figures.

The right-arm speedster, who scored his first hat-trick in any competitive game in this UAE leg in the IPL, was delighted with his performance.

“I am very happy with what I have achieved and how I have contributed to (team) success.

“Records are something I don’t really see, but in the context of the game, it would have been nice if he (Devadat Padikkal) had taken the catch, we could have gone a little, a little closer.

“So, in terms of the game, it’s probably an important wicket, but in terms of records, it does not matter much to me,” said Herschel, who equaled the record of Dwayne Bravo taking the most wickets in the IPL season.

When he returned to Kohli, the captain said he would always support him.

As I have said many times before, RCB management and Virat showed a lot of confidence from the start, even though I did not bowl in death overs in the IPL I did for Haryana.

“So, all of a sudden, to give me that responsibility, they definitely see something in me and they made that decision that I would bowl the most critical overs. So, I’m very grateful for the confidence they have shown in me.”

He said Kohli will always support his bowlers.

“Virat, everyone knows the energy and passion he brings to the field. He supports the bowlers and gives them space, everyone knows their skills and plans. I have learned a lot from playing with him since 2012,” he added.


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