The Hyderabad Aussie runner has been battling all evening as CSK continues its winning run

David Warner restricted Sunrisers Hyderabad to 171 for almost 18 overs. The 129-run partnership between openers Faf du Plessis and Ruturaj Gaikwad allowed the Chennai Super Kings to take three wickets and one for the coast. Easy success.

Warner Huffs and Puffs

How often do Sunrisers Hyderabad fans want David Warner out before him? Wednesday evening was one of the rare occasions. He sighed, he cried, he shrugged, he looked up at the sky – and struggled to hit the ball as clean as he could. Warner was violent in many ways until he was 40, when he finally hit two sixes. It proved to be magic, and he fell silent once more. The SRH captain struck in the 18th over and his 55-ball 57 was limited to less than Hyderabad.

Manish Pandey did not have as many problems as Warner, he could not synchronize his bat swing as per the pitch demands and could not find his time throughout the evening. Warner’s fights looked even more fierce when Connor Williamson came late and smoked four fours and a six in his 10-ball 26, making Hyderabad fans want Warner’s dismissal to come too early.

Often, the left hand is ahead of the shot and makes it misalignment and tearing. He continued to struggle at the ball, and his habit also exacerbated his difficulties. He did not hide his frustration – relief after hitting six and looking up captured it. He tried desperately – falling back inside the crease or charging the track – but nothing worked. The bat face was closed and the ball continued to leave the sweet spot. Warner scored his 10,000th T20I run and 200th IPL Six in the fight.

His struggles were intensified by the Chennai geniuses. They removed the ball and slipped further away from him, making it harder for Warner to reach the width he wanted on a normal day. Chennai fielded very well, especially the boundary riders, dividing the potential boundaries into two. The trap was tightened on Warner until he finally surrendered.

Unlike Warner, Williamson did not catch the ball much; Instead, he came into smart positions – or two feet off the track – and timed the ball into the gap, giving Hyderabad hope.

Chennai Whistle Whistle

Gaikwad and Du Plessis have no problems with the pitch or bowling, which is average. Hyderabad was small or wide, often both, and the pair developed without much fuss. Du Plessis cracked it, Gaikwad confused them and Hyderabad had not many answers. Rashid Khan also committed minor bowling and continued to play runs as Hyderabad suffered their fifth defeat in six games.


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