Sweat and Tears: Orange Cap Holder Ruturaj Gaikwad Preparation

I still remember the moment when a student informed me that coach Mohan Jadhav was still crying behind Ruturaj Gaikwad dressing room.

He is 13 years old and has failed in two games, which could lead to him being selected for the under-14 camp of Maharashtra cricket. The young Gaikwad came to that invitational tournament seven centuries later, but his bat was dumbfounded in crucial selection-trial games. “He told his friend, ‘What’s the point of that run in league games when you fail in the main games?’

Mohan Jadhav with young Ruturaj.

Runs are very important to him in big games, ”Jadhav told the newspaper. Jadhav allowed Gaikwad to cry before pacifying that if he does well in the next game, Maharashtra will still pick him. Gaikwad scored 182 and has not looked back since.

He still had to wait for his chances. Also with Chennai Super Kings. When he was on the bench for the entire season a few years ago, he dialed Jadhav, which was touch upset. “I told him they were there to watch and learn from you. The day your turn comes, you have to be mentally ready. You ‘re lucky not to get a chance to play; if you come and fail, it will take a long time to come back (into the plan of things). Be prepared for your chance.” Jadhav recalls being told that when he was a child, he was waiting for the right moment to hit sixes.

The Gaikwad entry dated 25-11-2009 reads: “Sir did not tell me. We should always look at the space and not the fielder. “Below, his coach’s answer:” Because you don’t have that much energy now. When you get the power, I’ll tell you to hit a six. “

Ruturaj Gaikwad Notes.

Even his academy coaches are not ready for the six that wiped out Jaspreet Bumra’s stunning bent-knee he hit in the IPL game. Others only took the time to recognize his talent, but sometimes he didn’t even realize his own worth.

When gifs and raves spread on social media about that Bumra Six, Gaikwad didn’t get much fuss. His close friend Naushad Sheikh, who played for Maharashtra, laughed at the incident. “He didn’t even know how great a shot he initially played. It’s his favorite shot and he plays it often. He then called me,” Such main yar, kya shot mara mine! He is not a talkative person. He is shy, ”said Sheikh.

Surendra Bhave, the former India selector and former Maharashtra coach, also dazzled with the shot. “Bumra ko mara boss!” But he was also not surprised by the shot option and said that in fact it might not even be a pre-determined shot. “I asked him in the past and he told me he was naturally going for it.” This is a very wonderful nature. Although Bumra released the ball full, Gaikwad bent over, bent his knee and swept it like a complete toss from an offspinner. “Koi battamiz shot nahi khelta,” Bhave said smiling before making sure not to miss it in translation. “Not bad looks alone or shots outside the place.” He abbreviated Gaikwad batting. “Every shot to that ball feels like the perfect shot. And yet, we really saw him sweeping, charging the track, pulling, lapping and the whole shot – and still, every time it feels like the right shot for that ball.

What it tells you is the clarity of thought and the calm nature. No blood or pre-determination. And it’s also in the T20 format. I saw him in long forms and I can tell you he was brilliant there. “

Ruturaj Gaikwad Notes.

That clarity of thought appeared on other crucial ground moments. Coach Sandeep Chavan at Vengaskar Academy spoke about the important decision taken by Gaikwad when he was pressured to choose his school cricket or academics.

“His parents – a former employee of the DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organization) and his mother, a teacher, did not know what to do next. But Gaikwad himself said he would choose cricket because at that age he thought he would excel in sports,” Chavan said. Must be -15 years.

Chavan talks about how Gaikwad has been updated as his batsman with his approach to the academy. The same attitude was later observed with Bhave as well as the Ranji team.

Mohan Jadhav with his ward.

“He’s not as great on the back foot as he is now,” Bhave said. “It’s been in the last 3-4 years. He’s been updating himself. He’s one of the fastest moves on the track and a good spinner. He’s good with a backfoot-punch and removes pacers.

Another aspect that makes the feeling impressive and amusing is attention. “He plays cricket almost as part of a 9 to 5 job, if you come up with an idea. Under control, he does his chores, works hard, goes home. Comes back the next day to do the same work! Very honestly and not fully broadcast about him,” Bhave said. “I’ve told him many times that this game is a great way to reward honesty and integrity and he gets rewards.”

This has come true this season, where he has scored 635 runs in 16 IPL games and is CSK’s chief architect to reach the final.

Eleven years ago, on February 10, Gaikwad wrote in his diary: “Sir told us that concentration is very important. Sir also told us that we should not get bored while doing skills or drives. We have to become mean as they say in Marathi. You need to be utilized by this activity. This activity should fully engage your mind as the hobby creates history. “

His passion has definitely set him on the path to creating one in the IPL right now. Hopefully great things are waiting.



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